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ASN welcomes our newest members:

- Stanley Lau of
Hawaii Tech Support
Honolulu, HI

- Ron Sorter of
SOS Macs
Noisy-le-Sec, France

- Carin Slater of
Medical Data Services
Greenville, SC

- Paul Eberting of
Computer Connection
American Fork, UT

- Ken Griffin of
Bayshore Technologies
Tampa, FL

- David Nicholson of
Nicom IT Solutions
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

- Peter Braley of
N. American Digital Communications
Manassas, VA

- Lee Hadsock of
Peer1 Network Ent.
Atlanta, GA

- Mark Wolfe of
ProActive Inc.
Oakland, NJ

- Chris Mearcham of
Now It Works Inc
East Hampton, CT

- Bruce Jones of
ProTel Systems
Springfield, MO

- David Glenn of
Creative Breakthroughs
Troy, MI

- Jason Adams of
Clearcase Technology
Hilliard, OH

- Mandeep Sanhu of
The Solutions Group
McLean, VA

- Alan L. Hoppe of
On-Site Technical Support
Warner Robins, GA

-Jerry Adamowicz of Gekkotek, Inc Vancouver, WA

-Larry Hershaman of Advanced Network Services
Cherry Hill, NJ

- Michael Holt of
Edge Technologies
Scottdale, AZ

- Dan Struthers of
HardSoft Systems
Burlington, Ontario

Claim Your Territory First! There is only a limited number of solution providers per territory.  Join the ASN now and gain the advantage over your competition.  Here is a great opportunity for your company to get a big boost in business services.


Join now and get referrals for your IT business!  It's FREE!

The Advanced Service Network (ASN), was formed for IT solution providers, providing a source of lead referrals and business to fellow members.  ASN members can be assured they will find a solution provider with the certified experience needed for the project at hand.  You can find many types of IT solution providers here including, but not limited to: Repair technicians, Network Analysts, Wiring/Cable installers, Web Designers, Internet or Web Related Services, POS Solutions, PC Trainers and much more.

How it works:

Solution providers sign up with ASN to offer their experience to other registered ASN members.  Each member that signs up is part of a territory that is divided among a limited amount of members.

Members get added to our Member Directory with a description of the member's credentials and links to the member's website.

The solution provider that may need assistance or work in another area of the country (or world!), just needs to contact another ASN member who can help provide these services as a contractor.  They now have the opportunity to form their own partner relationship.

ASN will also be directly marketed to corporate clients.  A corporation may, for example, be looking for a solution provider to help out at one of their branch locations or assist a telecommuting employee.  That company will contact ASN and we will provide them with the information of members in the area they need service.  They now have a company with a solution provider to call on in the future

In addition, ASN members enjoy many benefits provided by our ASN Partners that have signed up to provide discounts for all of our members.  Your company can save a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of these benefits.

(Franchises and national organizations and their locations are not eligible for joining the Advanced Service Network)

The Advanced Service Network supports the CompTIA organization and its certification programs.



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